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BOOK ONLINE     WhatsApp +254 789 622 734


DALA is a pioneer indigenous Kenyan social enterprise (tour & volunteer firm) that harnesses the country’s rich tourism culture and international outlook for good. We invest in creating tour and volunteer experiences that disrupt the industry by providing opportunities for underserved segments of the market including rural communities and urban slums, whilst giving our clients the most memorable and impactful of their stay experience in Kenya. Beyond traditional safari tourism that Kenya is already well known for, we are driven by undying desire to create a platform that facilitates our clients to know our society better and share their skills and cultures with us.

‘DALA’ loosely means ‘traditional rural home’ amongst the Luos of Western Kenya.

The business was initially founded by Erick in 2014 drawn from his experiences studying and working abroad, especially a desire by many to experience Africa in a more personal way beyond traditional safari tourism. This way, DALA disrupts the market by creating cheaper and cost-effective experiences to our clients. Our commitment is to remain true to this vision and build a platform that creates opportunities that positively impacts our host communities.

By booking safari and volunteer experience with DALA, you are also partly helping us support MAKLWETA (, a charity that supports education of the neglected rural girl child in Kenya.  MAKLWETA also partners with local communities to deliver on basic water and educational infrastructure in the host communities. Visit for more.


Dr. Erick Komolo is a Kenyan lawyer, academic and social entrepreneur. He founded DALA in 2014 drawn from his experiences in Kenya and abroad to fill the void between tourism and volunteerism in Africa, especially amongst underserved segments of the economy. Despite Kenya’s immense safari and tourism potential, trickledown benefits remain scarce and less disrupted. Beyond traditional safari, DALA focuses more on rural volunteerism and slum engagement with noticeable impact, and employs 100 per cent local Kenyan youths trained in hospitality and tourism management.

Erick has been featured by several local and international news outlets. He has attended universities in Kenya (Moi), United Kingdom (Kent), Hong Kong (HKU) and United States (Harvard).

Erick spends his leisure time reading and enjoys discussing current affairs and global economic trends.

Dr. Erick Komolo